Welcome to Albanian College!

Welcome to Albanian College Tirana!  

An IB Diploma Programme authorized school and IB Primary Years Programme and Middle Years Programme candidate school, we implement inquiry-based, student-centred approaches that focus on students building conceptual understandings while cultivating internationally-minded perspectives.  

Our programmes and practices provide students in Tirana with the best possible learning experiences and a world-class education.  As a holistic educational community, all students, staff, and parents strive to effectively embody the ten IB Learner Profile attributes as they work together to support student growth and learning.  

AC Tirana is a safe and enriching environment where students are nurtured in their social and emotional development while simultaneously being pushed to learn at increasingly complex levels that are appropriate to their individual needs.

Teachers at AC Tirana regularly reflect on assessment evidence to gauge every student’s learning and adapt their approaches accordingly throughout the year. Students are engaged through dynamic lessons and authentic assessments. They do not sit passively receiving knowledge, but instead they actively participate through inquiring, investigating, and building understanding.  Action that arises from the units of study is also a fundamental component of the learning process and students are encouraged to design and implement initiatives, many of which continue long after the unit of inquiry has ended.  

Our faculty members are learners in the community as well. They model the skills and habits of lifelong learners as they develop new skills and further refine their approaches to meeting students’ needs each year.



Every teacher and staff member has a direct impact on student success and we are a team whose members are dedicated to making AC Tirana the best educational community it can be. We welcome you to our community to learn more about us and join us in this meaningful and rewarding endeavor!


Naomi Pawlik