Primary School Programme Assessed Curriculum

  • Primary School Programme Assessed Curriculum

    Assessment is integral to all teaching and learning. The prime objective of assessment in the Primary School Programme is to provide feedback on the learning process.

    Assessment identifies what students know, understand, can do, and feel at varying stages in the learning process. Primary School Programme students are also required to assess themselves and each other. This process is used as reflection and goal setting for further learning.

    At AC Tirana Primary School Programme teachers use three forms of assessment to help students in their learning process and them in their planning for teaching.

    Diagnostic assessment is used to establish prior knowledge, to monitor growth and movement on the continuum of learning and helps teachers to identify students’ strengths and weaknesses in knowledge, skills, processing and understanding.

    Formative assessment is used to continue the monitoring of learning and understanding and to give students feedback on strengths and weaknesses in their work. Teachers also use this assessment to inform their teaching.

    Summative assessment is meant to give students and teachers clear insight into a student’s understanding. This assessment is more of an evaluation of student learning but is still used to guide students in further learning and teachers in their teaching.

    Teachers use various tools and strategies to assess students. Strategies are methods or approaches that teachers use to gather information about student learning, while tools are the instruments that teachers use to record the information they have gathered.

    Reporting at AC Tirana happens in orally in the form of conferences after units one, three and five. Written reports are sent home after units two, four and six. Parents are always welcome to make appointments with teachers during their office hours for discuss reports if they wish.