Assessment of Learning

All Diploma courses use formative and summative assessments that are criterion-related, meaning that a student’s performance is evaluated and feedback is given based on an established set of performance-level descriptors associated with the assessment task, as opposed to evaluating student performance in relation to other students in a group. The rubrics provided for each internal and external assessment component in each subject guide published by the IBO are used as a basis for marking and providing formative and summative feedback.

Assessment Policy for Albanian College

Summative Assessment in Grades 11 and 12

In order to be successful in courses studied in Grades 11 and 12, “Students must be able to recall, adapt, and apply knowledge and skills to new questions and contexts”

Source: Guidelines for developing a school assessment policy in the Diploma Programme, p. 3, 2010

Summative assessments gauge student learning, skill development, ability to communicate their knowledge, and ability to transfer their knowledge to new and unfamiliar contexts. In addition, summative assessments:

• Provide opportunities for a student to demonstrate what has been learned
• Measure understanding of the concepts and contents of the unit
• May prompt Creativity, Activity and Service experiences

There are two types of summative assessments that are conducted in Grades 11 and 12 at Albanian College. These types are:

• School-developed
• Internal and external, formal, IB-dictated assessments