International Baccalaureate Programme Standards and Practices

Programme Standards and Practices is the foundational document for schools and the IB to ensure quality and fidelity in the implementation of its programmes. The standards are general requisites established for schools to implement any IB programme. Practices are further definitions of the standards. Requirements are programme-specific, as each programme has unique features and demands-specific requirements. These programme requirements are detailed under the related practice and are also referenced in other programme-specific documentation. The common standards and practices, and the programme-specific requirements are necessary for the successful implementation of the relevant IB programme. The IB is aware that for each school, the implementation of an IB programme is a journey and that the school will meet these standards and practices to varying degrees along the way. However, the IB expects that the school must make a commitment towards meeting all the standards, practices and programme requirements.

International Baccalaureate Programme Standards and Practices Document