University and Careers Counseling

University and Careers Counseling

Our Counselor supports students in exploring possible career options in a variety of ways. Working with Grades 10 and 11 the Counselor helps students discover more about themselves. Uncovering their hidden skills/talents, areas of strength and weakness as well as their passions are all very important parts of the process. It is important to build a relationship with the student and dialogue about all of these aspects alongside the results from interest inventories and their experiences in their classes. We then take that information and tie it into potential careers or types of careers that might be possible for them. In doing so, we explore the training, schooling and commitment necessary to step into after graduation. The Counselor supports the Diploma Coordinator when helping students select their courses for the following year, making sure that they take appropriate courses reflecting their desires for future study.

Preparation for Choosing a University

There are so many facets in the application process that require attention by both students and parents. Our counselor aids the process by addresses the following topics:

• Course of study
• Private or public university
• University location
• Extra curricular offerings
• Financing

Here is the link to the Albanian College University Handbook


The school Counselor meets with students on a one on one basis, being available to discuss difficult issues a student may be having. The Counselor also visits classrooms during Advisory to discuss topics such as: bullying, teasing, and conflict resolution. The main focus for our Counselor is to work together with students, teachers, and families to determine how to best support each student.